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Language Arts

Audible - This free site allows you to instantly stream a collection of stories to listen to on your devices.

BrainPop - This link will take you directly to the English Language Arts page, but there's so much more on this website!  Explore activities in all subjects, K-8. 

Dictionary - If you run across a word you don't know, look it up! 

Dreamscape - A hyper-gamified reading program which combines strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages.  

Epic - A digital reading platform for kids 12 and under.  Over 40,000 books available.  

Sora (formerly Overdrive) - Free books to read on your personal device.  Choose from 236 Audio Books and 1,130 eBooks.  Sign in with your PRSD username and password.

Storyline Online - Listen to and watch while books are read out loud on YouTube or other video platforms.

Teen BookCloud - An eBook database especially for students in grades 7-12.

Thesaurus - Improve your writing by choosing the best word for the occasion.

Typing Club - No more two-finger typing.  This free site helps you learn the time-saving skill of being able to touch type.

Vocabulary A-Z - Build your vocabulary and practice with customizable word lists and game-based activities.