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Classroom Learning

Hiking & Biking: September 14, 2021

Our grade 7 and 8 students have a variety of Exploratory subjects they can choose from, one of which is Hiking & Biking offered by Mr. Schamehorn.  Today they biked across the new pedestrian bridge.  They also went for a walk in the hills earlier this month.  We are so lucky in Peace River to have such beauty in our backyard.

Calculating our carbon footprint: September 9, 2021

Mrs. Strachan's grade 6 classes calculated the schoolyard's carbon footprint this week as an interdisciplinary activity for math and science.  How much fun is THAT?!

7A Word Hunt: September 2, 2021

Learning about common nouns vs proper nouns is so much more fun when done with a group word hunt activity. Just ask the students in Miss Holmes' 7A Language Arts class!

Outdoor learning: June 1, 2021

What can be more idyllic than sitting in the shade on a beautiful summer day listening to the voice of your teacher reading out loud? Just ask our 6A students. They might even add that the wafting scent of lilac bushes in the courtyard made the experience pretty much perfect.

Angles and Triangles: Apr 20, 2021

Protractors + Metre Sticks + Sunshine = Math Class Outdoors. Check out these photos of 6C learning about angles and triangles and soaking up some rays at the same time.

Grade 6 Mock Election: Apr. 16, 2021

As part of understanding the democratic process, Mrs. Clements' 6A class held a mock election this morning. Students had to choose between four school-improvement "candidates." They were assigned roles of returning officer, polling clerks, electors, and scrutinizers. Each student was given an official-looking ballot which was filled behind a privacy screen, folded in three, and put into the ballot box, just like in a real election. What a practical learning experience for 11- and 12-year olds!

Grade 7 Social Studies: Mar 12, 2021

Our grade 7 students have been studying the American Revolution, the Great Migration and Push for Democracy. To finish off the unit, they played an old-fashioned game of Risk. A couple weeks later, they designed their own games to further demonstrate their understanding. Thanks, Mrs. Strachan, for making learning so fun!

Maple Syrup on the Snow: Mar 2, 2021

Our Grade 6 students got a taste (in every sense of the word) of French Canadian culture today when they went outside and enjoyed real Quebec maple syrup on freshly fallen snow. Thanks to Mrs. Clements for introducing this sweet treat to our FSL students. Our grade 6 and 7 French Immersion kiddos, who sorely missed not being able to go to St. Isidore for Carnaval this year, also got to partake in the fun.

5A Rises to the Challenge: Oct 21, 2020

Congratulations to 5A! Miss Lay challenged them to read over 1010 pages in a week as a class ... and they read a whopping 1049 pages!!!  As a prize, they had a pajama movie party while eating popcorn and donuts. Great job, 5A, and keep reading.