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Spirit Days

Spring Spirit Week - April 14, 2022

Day Four:  Pajama Day

We had so many students show up in their comfy-cozies today that we couldn't possibly get individual photos of everyone. Instead, please enjoy these class pictures and those of our marshmallow bunny activitiy as we head off to our four-day Easter Weekend.  Thanks to all our #teamawesome students for such great participation this week!  

Spring Spirit Week - April 12, 2022

Day Two:  Dress as Your Teacher

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then we had some very honoured teachers today.  We had more than one Mr. Johnson, Miss Holmes, Mrs. Smar, Mr. Chalifoux, Mr. Andersen, and Mr. Schamehorn. With Mme Dempsey and Mme Leflar on maternity leave, Mme Rosevear clearly expecting, and Miss Holmes starting to show her new baby bump, it was anyone's guess who was being imitated by the French Immersion students who chose to walk around with fully-inflated balloons strategically placed under their hoodies.  What fun!

Spirit Day Fun - March 9, 2022

Our Top Wolves planned several activities for students to do in their classrooms on afternoon before the Teachers' Convention long weekend.  

Some of these included origami folding, cup stacking races, the ping pong ball challenge, getting an Oreo cookie from from your forehead to your mouth without touching it, and -- the one which provoked the most laughter -- answering riddles which could result in a teacher getting a pie in the face. 

Check out our Facebook page for a video of Miss Diebold getting "pie-d" by a student!


Santa's Workshop - December 17, 2021

We finished off our Christmas Spirit Week by inviting students to come to school dressed as elves, reindeer, Mrs. Claus or Jolly Old St. Nicholas himself.  One of the afternoon's activities was true to our Santa's Workshop theme but don't be surprised if the craft project didn't quite make it home.  That's the joy of an edible snowman!

Pancake Breakfast + Hot Chocolate - December 16, 2021

This morning, we were treated to a yummy breakfast of pancakes and sausages cooked up by volunteer parents of the French Immersion Society.  The school paid for the breakfasts using its nutrition grant and the the money will be used towards the French trip to Quebec in 2022.  Our Top Wolves Leadership group completed the meal by providing a steaming cup of hot chocolate to every student.  What a great way to celebrate Day 4 of Christmas Spirit Week!

Wrap Your Teacher - December 15, 2021

The teachers at our school have a [insert adjective here] sense of fashion. Yesterday, the students had the opportunity to wrap their teacher as part of our Christmas Spirit Week activities. Some classes took it a step further by caroling door to door showing off their teacher's attire. The holiday spirit at our school right now is truly impressive!