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Adopt a Garden Box Program

Christine Findlay, School Food Animator, and Jon Pittman, Principal

This year, TA Norris was the fortunate recipient of a grant from Alberta Blue Cross which will be applied to the building of garden boxes on the school grounds. The plan is to incorporate the garden boxes (planting, growing, watering, weeding, harvesting, etc) into the student’s learning and having them get hands-on with this project.

To that end, we are looking for support and input from parent and community stakeholders such as sharing feedback, ideas, time, elbow grease, resources (backhoe, shovels, etc) getting dirt to the school and ...

We are also looking for families to adopt the garden boxes for one week each summer. During your week, you will water, weed, and harvest produce to enjoy at home.

If you’d like to take part in this project in any way, please email Christine, or call the school at 780.624.3144.  Let's get growing!

Breakfast & Lunch Program

Staff and Parent Volunteers help prep, cook, and serve food from our Home Economics Room window.

What happens if you choose sleeping in a few extra minutes over breakfast? What about if there just wasn't anything interesting in the house to eat? It's hard to learn with a hungry belly, so whether it's your first breakfast of the day or a no-questions-asked second helping, we have you covered at T.A. Norris!

We also offer a $6.00 Hot Lunch option. Parents can purchase a ten-lunch package through school cash which students can redeem at any time.  Monday and Thursday lunches are provided by local restaurants on a cost-recovery basis; Wednesday and Friday lunches are prepared on site, also designed to break even. Tuesdays are reserved for hot dogs, grilled cheese, or other school activity fundraisers. Our goal is to make lunches as affordable as possible and give busy families a break from having to prepare bagged lunches every day.

Brain Food Building Blocks Initiative with ONE Nutrition and Health

The Peace River School Division has teamed up with ONE Nutrition and Health to promote a new initiative called the Brain Food Building Blocks, which will educate students and parents alike about the connection between their brains and gut health.

The initiative is being launched in a series of cooking videos, which can be watched below. The premise is that anyone watching can bring their recipes to life, all while learning about specific ingredients and how they can nourish their bodies better.

The overall goal of the Brain Food Building Blocks initiative is to provide everyone in the Division with the tools they need in order to be successful in all areas of their lives. Viewers can expect simple, actionable ways to incorporate more nutrient dense, functional foods into their daily routines.


Make the Brain Boost Smoothie:

Brain Boost Smoothie


Make the Quick Brain Quesadilla:

Quick Brain Quesadilla


Make the Tex Mex Pita Pizza:

Tex Mex Pita Pizza


Make Banana Pancakes:

Banana Pancakes