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B is for Bébé - November 18, 2022

B is for Bébé ... and Boy, Beau, Bleu, Bravo, Bienvenue, and Banks! Mr. Chalifoux was surprised this morning when his grade 5 French Immersion class from last year invited him into the grade 6 wing under false pretences, only to present him with a beautiful box of cookies congratulating him (and Miss Holmes!) on the birth of Banks Norman Chalifoux on November 2.

Metis Week - November 14-18, 2022

This is Métis Week, a time to celebrate the culture, history, and contributions of Métis people to Alberta and Canada.

We started the week with "Rock Your Mocs" and grabbed a quick photo of some of our students proudly showing off their moccasins. 

On Wednesday, we were treated to hearty stew, fried bannock and a tantalizing array of desserts for every student in the school. Thank you to Kat's Katering and Concession!

Our students also had an opportunity to try out various Actic games, some of which appeared deceptively simple, but proved to be quite difficult, requiring strength, endurance, agility, and coordination. Thank you to our Top Wolves Leadership group for organizing the events which helped us further our appreciation of Indigenous culture.

New School Record for Terry Fox Fundraising - October 5, 2022

$3100! That's how much money we raised for cancer research last month during our Terry Fox Run.  This afternoon we had a special assembly to thank everyone who contributed to our fundraising goal.

The students in 8Fr raised the most money (almost $1600) as a group so they got to tape their former teacher Mr. Chalifoux to the wall.

Ava Lunn, Makayla Van Tamelin, and Jackson McDonald raised the most money individually and got to throw pies in the face of our principal, Mr. Pittman.  Charlie Jeffs missed the honour because he was in the process of getting first place in the Zones Cross Country meet in Rocky Lane.  

Because we not only met but far surpassed our goal for this year, we got to watch Mr. Aislabie get his head shaved.

There was a lot of excitement, laughter and cheering in the gymnasium today but the biggest cheer goes out to all those whose contributions helped keep Terry's memory alive, 42 years after his Marathon of Hope came to an untimely end. Thank you, Team Awesome for not giving up on Terry's dream.

Terry Fox Run - September 28

We ran, we walked, we talked ... and we remembered. Yesterday was our annual Terry Fox run in which we recreated, on the smalled of scales, Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope from over 40 years ago. It was humbling to think that Terry ran the equivalent of 100 laps of the Glenmary/TAN track every single day for 143 consecutive days during the the most grueling of conditions. A shout out to all those who honked their horns in support as they passed by. Thank you to everyone who pledged money to support cancer research! Today is the last day to make a donation online at

Team Building Activities - September 22

Creating a positive learning environment depends strongly on students feeling safe, respected, and being able to get along with others. Last Thursday, we had a whole afternoon of team-building activities organized by our 7/8 Top Wolves Leadership students. Check out these photos of students getting wet at the water brigade station, plunging face-first into a plate of icing sugar to retrieve skittles, flip/catching pencils, playing beach volleyball, and competing in a variety of other short games. Thank you to our #teamawesome parent volunteers for starting things off with a barbeque hot dog lunch. The weather was absolutely perfect and our students had so much fun.

French Immersion Trip to Quebec - May 21-29, 2022

Every three years, our French Immersion students spend a week in Quebec immersing themselves in the history and culture while practicing their language skills in a practical way.  This year, the grade 7s and 8s from T.A. Norris and the 9s from Peace River High School packed a lifetime of memories into a few short days in Montreal and Quebec City.  Thank you to Jeanne Chykalsky for organizing the trip, to our chaperones for keeping us on our "orteils", and to all the parents and students who contributed to our various fundrasing efforts.  C'etait une une expérience merveilleuse!

May Fun Day - May 27, 2022

With only a few weeks left of school, we took a couple of hours off from our final exam preparations to enjoy some fun indoor and outdoor activities organized by our Top Wolves Leadership group. There was a lot of excitement and laughter ... a great way to end the week.