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Grade 8 Citizenship Awards - June 23, 2022

Every year, the teachers at T.A. Norris Middle School nominate a small number of grade 8 students to receive Citizenship Awards which are presented at our year end Farewell ceremony. These awards are difficult to win and only the most deserving students receive them.

Students getting the award must work hard in school achieving grades that are appropriate to their ability level. Some winners are scholars and some are “grinders” but they all demonstrate a strong work ethic. Citizenship winners must also show leadership. This might include volunteering and committee work or just positive interaction within the classroom. Finally, the citizenship winners need to be well-liked by the students and the staff. Being cheerful, polite and helpful makes a person a good citizen.

In short, a student who wins a citizenship award at T.A. Norris is exactly the type of person who would make a great employee. Dependable, personable, helpful and hard working, our award winners would make any business manager proud.

This year, we are proud to announce that our Citizenship Awards went to Ella Bond, Matthew Burgoyne, Tracen Massier, and Farrah Villeneuve. Congratulations and thank you for shining your light at T.A. Norris Middle School!

Grade 8 Academic Awards - June 23, 2022

As part of our Grade 8 Farewell Ceremonies, we acknowledge the academic prowess of our top achievers in core subject areas. This year, highest mark awards went to:
Social Studies (English): Elizabeth Warkentin
Social Studies (French): Bella Guindon
English Language Arts: Mercedes Clarke & Ella Bond (tie)
French Language Arts: Farrah Villeneuve
Math (English/French): Tracen Massier, Tristan Freeman, Mercedes Clarke (tie)
Science (English/French): Mercedes Clarke
Phys Ed: Tracen Massier
Top Overall Average: Mercedes Clarke
Congrautalations, students. We have every confidence that you will continue your hard work in the years to come.

Grade 8 Farewell - June 23, 2022

To our departing grade 8 students:
We wish for you a joy-filled transition from Middle School to High School and congratulate you on your accomplishments and successes.
We wish for you new, stiumulating friendships while you cherish old friends who provide continuity and comfort.
We wish for you a smooth path on your journey to your chosen destination, and as much delight in your off-road adventures as there is in reaching your goal.
Congratulations, students!
May the world embrace you, excite you, and strenghten you in everything you do.

Awards - June 21, 2022

Today we celebrated the non-academic achievements of members of the T.A. Norris Family. We began with the Joshua Poole Award which is given to a grade 5 French Immersion student who demonstrates extraordinary kindness.  This was followed by our athletic awards when coaches presented medals for sportsmanship, most improved, and athleticism in Volleyball, Basketball, Archery, Badminton, and Track & Field.  We then moved onto the coveted Athlete of the Year Awards and the presentation of Winit Certificates to students for extra-curricular involvement. It was so wonderful to see so many parents in the gymnasium celebrating with us today. Thank you to everyone -- coaches, parents, staff, and students -- for making T.A. Norris Middle School a wonderful place to work, learn, and grow!

Honour Roll Assembly - May 6, 2022

It was so great to be back in the the gymnasium this morning for a real live assembly again. We could feel the energy in the room as students received fist bumps from their teachers, applause from the entire student body, and -- maybe best of all -- saw so many parents in the audience! Congratulations to all the students who earned a place on the Honour Roll. Continue working hard and showing a positive attitude towards learning. We're proud of you!

Celebrating Success - February 9, 2022

This morning we celebrated academic success and the workplace qualities of perseverance, patience and positivity. Teachers in grades 5 - 8 were asked to name two or three students from each class who stood out for their "stick-to-it-ivenes" over the past few months. Congratulations to all who received an On a Roll certificate during our virtual assembly.

We then moved on to the Honour Roll certificates for the grade 7 and 8 students who achieved an 80% average or higher in their core subjects.  Special recognition was given to students who achieved Honour Roll with Distinction for an average of over 90%.

Well done, students! Keep up that amazing work.

On a Roll Assembly - October 15, 2021

Today we paid special tribute to a few students from each grade who put in the extra effort and positive attitude it takes to be successful in the workplace. Congratulations to all those who received an "On a Roll" certificate this morning. You are showing the work ethic and stick-to-it-iveness which will get you far in both school and life!

5A  Kayla St Laurent, Logan Evans, Aniliese Robinson

5B  Liam Burgoyne, Gabe Dale, Jonathan Bos

5Fr Cohen Aquino, Maya Jabusch, Landon Berry

6A Brock Kish, Keheau Grey, Cierra Fortier

6B Nathon Lombard, Rheanna Orbesido, Karys Webb 

6Fr Finn Denison, Madix Maure

7A Ethan Hilman, Isabella (Izzy) Sewepagham, Drayden Letendre

7B DJ Christian, Kestin Testawits, Marley Vandervlugt, Athena Alook

7Fr Tatum Burns, Aftyn Martin

8A Aaron Laboucan, Dallas Buchholtz, Sadye Paluck-Kushnirak

8B Chantelle Lombard, Ty Smith-Rogers, Dakota Gerbrandt 

7/8C Ella Bond, Elizabeth Vassallo, Riley Dyck

8Fr Adam Liar, Macey Clements