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Girls Basketball - January 24, 2022

Congratulations to our Timberwolves B Girls who took first place in this weekend's basketball tournament in Fairview and the TAN girls playing for the Peace High Nomads who came home from High Level sporting bronze medals.

"A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals."
- Larry Bird


Back (L-R): Coach Jenny Slyk, Mercedes Clarke, Favour Babalola, Tatum Burns, Brooklyn Kornelsen, Abby Elikins, Shae Witter, Coach Jolene Heinrichs.
Front (L-R): Elizabeth Vassalo, Catie Hepburn, Mackenzie Heinrichs, Isabelle Schamehorn.  
Missing:  Bree Leroux, Mariah Mountain

Back (L-R): Coach Jackie Wyntjes, Lexie Rogers, Tia Directo, Declynn Wood, Gracie Cardinal, Precious Babalola, Taylor Bennett
Middle (L-R): Brier Anderson, Katinse Stewart, Cree Courtoreille, Jayna Webb, Sam St-Jean
Front: Katelyn Grenier
Missing: Macey Clements

5/6 Gymnastics - January 20, 2022

Our grade 5/6 students have the option of participating in a gymnasics academy or hockey academy every Tuesday and Thursday morning as part of our physical education program. Here are some photos of our students at gymnastics today. They were especially proud of having taught Mrs. Smar how to do a handstand.

5/6 Gymnastics Academy - December 7, 2021

Several of our grade 5/6 students are spinning, twirling, jumping, and most of all, SMILING, as they participate in our Gymnastics Academy. This week, the students got a t-shirt to celebrate the return to twice-weekly classes at the Mercer Peace River Endurance Centre.  Our Gymnastics and Hockey Academies are offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings from mid-September to the end of March. 


Timberwolves Volleyball: June 22, 2021

2020 - 2021 was a disappointing year for competitive team sports. We started the year with a TA/Peace High Nomads volleyball team coached by Mrs. Hamilton and a TA Timberwolves team under the direction of Mrs. Clements. The boys also joined with Peace High to form a grade 8 and 9 team. Less than a month into the season, extra-curricular sports were shut down because of Covid-19.  In June, we gathered the girls B together for a team photo.  

Pictured: Tia Directo, Ella Bond, Macey Clements, Elizabeth Warkentin, Olivia Vion, Precious Babalola, Katinse Stewart
Missing: Tayla Lamabe, Dannica Still, Farrah Villeneuve, Carmen Schneider, Payge Hebert, Addyson Piercey

Next year will be better!!!

Volleyball Jr Nomads vs Glenmary: Oct 22, 2020

This is the first year that we have true Junior Girls Teams, comprised of girls from Grades 7-9. As a result, we have a Girls Jr. Nomads team, as well as a Girls Timberwolves team. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not allowed to put on or attend tournaments, so the schools in our area have put together a mini cohort league. Each team has 2 other teams in their cohort that they play games against. Even though we greatly miss our tournaments and getting to play for Zones, we appreciate that we can still practice to improve skills and play a few best of 5 games.

Here are photos from one of our Jr. Nomad games against Glenmary.  The girls won in 3 sets, in a best of 5 match. Great job, ladies!