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Nutrition Program

Grandfather Teachings Kickoff Lunch - April 27

Beef stew, chicken stew, baked bannock, fried bannock. The best part? There was enough for second helpings! Thank you to Teri-Lynn Bulldog for sharing your traditional recipes with 275 hungry students and staff this afternoon during our school-wide Grandfather Teachings Lunch & Awards Presentation. It was wonderful to see the whole school come together with the help of parents and our very capable Indigenous Education Support Coach Vannah Anderson. Congratulations to the seven students from each grade who were nominated to receive certificates for displaying the character virtues of honesty, truth, humility, love, wisdom, courage and respect.

The Big Crunch - March 29, 2023

Okra, asparagus, butternut squash, pemlo, golden beets, fresh mushrooms, snap peas, parsnips, plantain, eggplant, yellow kiwi, mango, grapefruit, dragonfruit, avocado, apple-pears ... these were just a few of the colourful fruits and vegetables students adventurously put on their plates today as we encouraged them to try something new for THE BIG CRUNCH, an initiative of under Alberta Food Matters through the Coalition for Healthy School Food. It was so inspiring to kids piling their plates with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and coming back for second helpings. This is an event worth repeating!

Mmmmm ... breakfast burgers - October 26

Every one in a while, we like to surprise our students if for no other reason than to let them know how how special they are. You can imagine the excitement this morning when our principal Mr. Pittman announced over the intercom that we were giving out free breakfast burgers at the foods lab window! Thank you to the team at North End Reddi Mart for preparing two hundred burgers this morning, not just egg and cheese, but others with bacon, ham or sausage. You generated a lot of happy smiling faces here at T.A. Norris Middle School.