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Please share these links with your friends

Picture of Items from Tru Earth
Tru Earth Graphic

We have launched a fundraising campaign to raise money to buy a commercial-grade solar-powered light over our basketball court.  You can support us in two ways:

Here you can buy environmentally friendly products such as laundry strips, cleaning strips, beeswax wraps, and wool dryer balls, with a portion of each sale going to our fundraising project. Click on the Earth Day Sale blue box for special prices this week and enter the coupon code PALS10 for an additional 10% off Tru Earth laundry strips. They really do work! Tru Earth is a Canadian company which ships for free anywhere in Canada or the USA, so please repost this on your personal social media sites and encourage your friends to buy using our unique school link.

Here you can buy hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, hats and other items with our school logo. There's a wide choice of name brand products showing off your #teamawesome pride.

These are both ongoing fundraisers for which our school will receive payouts on a regular basis. Thank you for helping make our playground brighter and safer for year-round community use.

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