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Students Engage in the Democratic Process

On September 17, students at T.A. Norris experienced the voting process first-hand.  Students came to the library where they had to to prove their identity, be checked off of the voters list, mark their ballot behind a privacy screen, and drop it in the ballot box, all under the watchful eyes of their scrutineer/teacher.

Our students chose Arnold Viersen to be our next MP, which was the same outcome as the adult choice for Peace River-Westlock. The graph pictured shows how TAN students voted.

Across Canada, 5,478 schools practiced the democratic process representing all 338 federal ridings. Students chose a Liberal minority government, but they gave the NDP party significantly more seats than their adult counterparts:

Liberals: 117 seats, 24% of the vote
NDP: 107 seats, 29% of the vote
Conservatives: 91 seats, 25% of the vote
Bloc Québecois: 20 seats, 2% of the vote
Green Party: 3 seats, 10% of the vote

Thank you to Miss Neufeld for organizing the #StudentVote at our school and to all the students who took the time to cast their ballots. We trust that you will be informed and engaged citizens throughout your adult life.

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