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On a Roll!

Miss Holmes gives Jayda a high five as the students enter the gymnasium

This morning, we took the oppportunity to publicly acknowledge students in our school who are on the road to success. Whether it's improved attendance, a change in attitude, or a developing sense of responsibility, these students are ON A ROLL! Congratulations to the students who were awarded certificates during our assembly for showing the successful workplace qualities of perseverance and positivity.

Group photos here

5A - Taylor Berger, Charlotte Thorpe, Mackenna Klassen, Jagger Smar
5B - Raya McGillivray, Kenlyn LeMarquand, Nikita Singh, Aubree Willier, Xavier Foster-Alook
5Fr - Willow McLeod, Matthias Naizghi

6A - Vivian Stevens, Lydiah O’Neill-Thomas, Rexleye Besuyen
6B - Eveah Whitehead, Mathias Voth, Jayda Green, Davin Thorp
6C - Tommika Alook, Ryan McGillivray, Kenton Foster Alook, 
6Fr - Freya Arnold, Mason Westra, Porter Whitty

7A - Ryder Weldon-Lambert, Danica Redekop
7B - Liam Burgoyne, Thomas Cardinal
7C - Justin McTavish
7Fr - Landon Berry, Ryder Banville

8A - Tyra Cardinal, Gregory Whitefish
8B - Nolan Orr, Kevin Whitehead
8Fr - Peytton Frayne, Hayden Curry

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