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December Virtue: Wisdom

Grandfather Teaching Award Recipients

Every month we are acknowledging students who exhibit virtues known in Indiginous cultures as the "Grandfather Teachings." We are proud to announce the recipients of the teacher-nominated awards for the December virtue of Wisdom:

Back Row:
Jordan Bennett (8A), Kenton Alook (6C), Alexander Kokora (5/6Fr), Korben Schamehorn (8Fr), Alexis Yuremchuk (7B), Benjamin MacFarlane (7A), Ethan Harpe (7Fr), Hannah Managtag (7C)

Front Row:
Cierra Fortier (8B), Austin Yuremchuk (6A), Myles McDonald (5A), Shresta Angusamy (6B)

Missing: Tommry Rosin (5B)

"Wisdom is represented by the Beaver. Wisdom means using your inherited gifts wisely and recognizing your differences and those of others in a kind and respectful way. Listening with clarity and a sound mind, combined with the experiences of life, is what we refer to as wisdom."

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