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An Authentic Voting Experience

Hannah from grade 6 casts her ballot

As part of our learning about the democratic process, each of our students in grades 5-8 had a chance to vote today in a mock election (photos here) which parallels the Alberta Election on May 29. They were required to confirm their eligibility with the polling clerk(s) and were given a ballot with the names of our local candidates and the parties they represent -- Sharon Noullett TIP, Conrad Nunweiler IND, Liana Paiva NDP, Dan Williams UCP -- to mark behind cardboard screens. Ballots were then folded, initialed by the polling supervisor and placed in the ballot box just as in a real election.  

Our students elected UCP member Dan Williams to another term but with a smaller margin than the provincial results. Across Alberta, 1097 schools participated with participation from all 87 electoral divisions. Youth elected an NDP majority government with the bulk of support from schools in Edmonton and Calgary. The UCP formed the official opposition with one Independent candidate winning a seat in Ft. McMurray. The complete Student Vote results can be found here:

Student Vote is supported by Elections Alberta, the Alberta Teachers Association, and the Government of Canada.

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