Happy 60th Anniversary to TA Norris Middle School

Happy 60th Anniversary to TA Norris Middle School

In 1956, a new school opened its doors in Peace River.   

Students carried their desks from the old High School, located at the site of the current Sawridge Hotel, to the freshly-built T.A. Norris High School in the new subdivision of Parkview on what was then the far north end of Peace River.   

The school had five classrooms and a science lab.  Today it boasts 20 classrooms, a foods lab, music room, art room, industrial arts shop, computer lab, two-story learning commons, double gymnasium and a viewing gallery.   It has evolved from a High School (1956-65) to a Junior High School (1965-2005) to a Middle School (2005-present), now with students grades 5 – 8.

On Wednesday, November 16, we invite you to come celebrate our first sixty years.

Join us at 7:00 p.m. for a special presentation by world-renowned circus arts performer “Safire” as she speaks to children and adults of all ages about finding joy and passion in one’s life, understanding one’s place in the world, and treating each other kindly, both in-person and online.

A special cake-cutting ceremony will follow with members of Peace River School Division and school board trustees in attendance.  Refreshments have been generously donated by the Peace Country Co-op and Tim Hortons.

Come take a tour of T.A. Norris Middle School.  Walk down the hallways and check out pictures of every graduating class since 1965.  Perhaps your photo is on display?  Or one of a parent or grandparent?   Our anniversary celebration coincides with Parents Matter Week, a division-wide acknowledgement of the role parents play in their children’s education.

At T.A. Norris Middle School, we Focus on Learning.  And we want to thank everyone who has helped us along that journey over the past six decades.  We look forward to a fun and memory-filled evening.